Покупки в интернет магазине Wish

Wish Online Store Registration

Wish online store registration can be carried out in several ways that the potential buyer will find for themselves the most suitable. You can register through social networks, on the official site, through a special mobile application or on the portals that cooperate with the company.

Every day, more and more trading companies are exploiting the vastness of the global network by opening up online stores. One of the largest representatives of global electronic commerce is the online store of goods from China called “Wish”. For almost 7 years, the portal has been developing and proven to be a good seller of various product groups that can be purchased with great financial benefit.

Such a variety of offers during the process of obtaining official access to the company’s resources is made within the framework of the policy of loyalty and customer orientation of the service Wish! Active advertising its services around the world, winning the sympathy of citizens from different countries, since 2011, the company does not cease to improve as it is interested in creating for its clients the most comfortable conditions of cooperation.

Wish Online Store Registration Through Social Networks

To start profitable purchases, registration is required on the official website of the company – wish.com. Unregistered users do not even allow to view their directories. It’s like a privilege to use profitable prices for members of a closed club.

Sign up via social network Facebook:

  • In the search box, specify the name of the official online store group Wish.
  • Click “Subscribe” and put “Like”.

Any updates that will fill the group will be visible to the registered user. If you want to visit the site and browse the directory, the login will be activated through an account on the social network, picking up all the data that are specified in the details of the page.

When accidentally removing a group from the distribution list and its applications, the user re-establishes the service in an automatic mode after entering the site.

Wish online store sign up through Google

To be logged though Google account, you must enter your account name or e-mail address for your own. The company prefers the boxes that are opened on the Google – Gmail account.

After the portal address is entered, the popup window with the registration form appears. From the proposed three positions, it is necessary to choose the optimal method of filling the form.

  • Entrance via FB;
  • Get access through Google+
  • Ordinary registration.

Wish shopping online in the USA can also be found in different versions in different languages.

Passage of registration on the official website of Wish

The first two options are already considered above. Regarding regular registration, the website asks to:

  • Enter the personal data of the potential user by the site, for which it will be identified by the system in the course of making future purchases (surname, name);
  • Enter the E-mail address (to avoid re-filling the registration form, it is recommended to take into account the requirements of the developer on the location of the electronic box).
  • Enter Login
  • Enter Password

If desired, in the future, you can specify the number of your bank card – it is convenient for frequent payments on Wish website. Filling out this field, the site leaves the user at the discretion of how much the latter estimates the existence of risks for fraud with bank cards. The site regularly refines and updates its system of protection against cybercriminals, however, it is impossible to assert with 100% confidence that personal banking data in the network is in complete safety.

For new users, who complete the process of registration, Wish company has prepared special prizes and bonuses. These are coupons with great discounts on upcoming purchases. Only new buyers can take part in that promotions when making their first purchase from different categories of products offered by Wish.

Wish online store registration is not only a review of all existing shopping ideas. Customers constantly have access to a wide range of necessary product groups in the lowest prices from direct manufacturers from China, as well as an unlimited number of special offers and gifts.

The whole world buys products from Chinese manufacturers. Why overpay to dealers, if you can independently do direct order and buy all that is necessary.