Wish Online Shopping

Wish online store is a new online trading platform where e-commerce operations are implemented. Desktop owners can visit the web site at www.wish.com. Also, the company “Wish” has developed a mobile application, attracting customers with their laconic and user-friendly interface.

Wish Chinese online store


How The Wish Online Shop Works

To start work with Wish, a potential customer needs to register on the site. To create an account, you need to use your Facebook login, the Gmail login, or create a new one with e-mail. As soon as this procedure is completed, the user can arrange and view all purchases.

Categories of goods presented in the online store Wish:

The Principle Of Pricing In Wish Online Store

If you look at available products in Wish, you can see almost incredible discounts on the product cards. For example, a pair of women’s boots is listed for 18 dollars. However, Wish does not indicate any information about the brand or other features of this product, so it is impossible to check the principle of which this discount is formed.

The basic pricing constant in the online Wish store is direct cooperation with the suppliers of goods, their sale at the producer’s price. The main suppliers are Chinese and other Asian companies that support low pricing policies. This means that the buyer receives a cheap, often high-quality product.

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Comparing prices

The buyer always expects to find discounted prices when shopping online through the Wish Store. For example, a pair of Bluetooth headphones are priced at $ 64 to $ 13, while 2TB USB drives are sold for $ 11-190. On all the merchant cards available on Wish, the number of units purchased is rounded up to the nearest thousand. There are many sets of clothes for sale on all occasions of life – even trendy trousers for $ 13. How can you refuse to buy yourself, if the prices differ by weighty democracy?

When you decide to get the right thing, the buyer adds it to the virtual cart. Sometimes Wish displays a slightly reduced price for the product at the stage of his pre-order. For example, instead of $9, the cost will drop to $8.55. Delivery rates vary by product, but usually less than $10.

Delivery and notifications

The terms of delivery depend on the work of the postal service and the distance. Based on customer feedback, we can conclude that the waiting time for the ordered product will not be too long. However, users are waiting for their purchases for more than a month. In order not to become hostage to unpredictable delivery situations, ask at the stage of ordering the goods, which postal service it is directed to, find out the specifics of the product (for example, large-sized goods are unloaded longer).

The user of the online store “Wish” should pay attention to the setting of notifications on the arrival of new goods and current discounts. You can adjust the alert system in your account on the site, or in the application from your account. By default, e-mail messages will automatically be sent from the Internet Support Center (e-mail or messenger) with recommendations, reviews, and discounts.

Wish Online Shop – Buyer Profile Security

The active buyer profile displays the real name and the purchased product list. It is advisable to be careful with the web version of the trading platform or mobile application. As the well-known Buzzfeed news resource reports, the Wish application displays the full names of clients in their profiles along with their wish lists. Therefore, the wish list is not private, and you may have to refrain from creating such lists.

The user manual indicates that the site and the Wish application are not responsible for the information provided by the user. To protect your account to avoid data theft, you only need to login to your account from your device, under a secure password. Try not to specify personal information in the comments to the purchased product, but only a text message about your acquisition. By following these recommendations, online shopping will never show any suspicious activity to you.